Renee at work

Renee is a beautiful girl. She is also very sweet!

About Renee

I am a 6 year old girl who likes to help people when they are hurt or upset. I have a kind family and one help another. When I grow up I want to be a NHS Doctor. I want to be a Doctor because Doctors help people. I have 25 friends. My speciality is maths,art and craft as well as science.I am very kind. Sometimes I am naughty and sometimes polite. I have thirteen people in my family. I love drawing a lot. My hobbys are painting,drawing,reading and playing. I am very cheeky. I love making things because that is my speciality ,when there is an ocassion I decorate the lounge with banners and loads of other things. When I do my my homework I finish it quickly so I can go and play. My shcool is Jewish and I learn biblical things. Every day I learn something new. I know that 2x5=10 and 6 x 5 = 30 I also know that 20\5 =4. My favourite wild animal are zebras. When I was little I use to say huggie time.

Muma Sanvi Tanu didi Appa Amma Dada SpinHope